Mediation is a method of out of court dispute settlement moderated by a third, independent party – a mediator; mediation has been proving itself to be an efficient and increasingly attractive instrument for dispute resolution in the Czech Republic over the last couple of years. Mediation is a structured process where the mediator professionally assists the parties in the dispute with mutual communication in order to reach an amicable settlement in the for of an mediation agreement. Court-approved mediation agreement then represents an enforceable legal title. Mediation offers, besides speed, a larger degree of informality and flexibility.

Mediation services are provided on ad hoc basis in cooperation with JUDr. Šárka Zusková, who is a professional mediator registered on the List of Mediators maintained by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic; JUDr. Šárka Zusková is also an arbitrator with the Arbitration Court attached to the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic and a member of the ADR Section within the Czech Bar Association.