External cooperation

HOLEC, ZUSKA & Partners co-operates with renowned providers of audit, tax and transaction advisory providers in the Czech Republic such as KPMG and Ernst & Young on a long-term basis.  This arrangement allows our clients to utilise not only complex legal services but also integrated audit, tax consulting, financial and similar range of services, both on the national and international level.  Within the framework of this co-operation a number of seminars were organised for our clients which offer opportunities to find out about the recent developments in legal, tax and accounting environment and to discuss them.

HOLEC, ZUSKA & Partners also maintains close contact with a large number of international law firms within the framework of the “AllyLaw” network with which our office co-operates on European-wide transactions which in turn ensures that our services are provided level with international standards.  This co-operation includes, besdies most of the European countries, also law offices from USA, Americas or Asia.