Litigation / Arbitration

Contacts for this specialization:

HOLEC, ZUSKA & PARTNERS provide legal advice and represent both domestic and foreign companies in court proceedings mostly in commercial, civil and labour law litigation, as well as in proceedings before arbitration courts.  The firm represents clients in administrative proceedings before administrative authorities and in judicial reviews of decisions of administrative authorities by ordinary courts. The firm has achieved significant success in several cassation complains in tax matters before the Supreme Administrative Court in the matters reviewing unlawful decisions passed against its clients. Karel Zuska has a unique insight into the workings of the Czech judicial system as he acted for several years prior to joining the firm as presiding district court judge in Prague 5 in commercial as well as penal matters.. Both partners are registered on the List of Arbitrators of the Arbitration Court attached to the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic.  Partners and the firm have been regularly recommended for their expertise in this filed by PLC Dispute Resolution or PLC Which Lawyer.