Company takeovers

Contacts for this specialization:

HOLEC, ZUSKA & PARTNERS offers comprehensive legal services related to transformation and acquisitions of companies, trade company law and competition law. Projects – company takeovers that our office successfully completed were both in the form of transfer of shares or stock and by takeover of companies or a their parts, including buy-outs of shares by majority shareholder (so called squeeze-outs). Legal advice includes preparation of all legal documentation necessary for company takeover, co-ordination of the outputs with legal advisors, experts and other external consultant of the client, preparation of the documents necessary for adoption of resolutions by the relevant company bodies, provision of all necessary notifications and publishing of information and registration of the particular takeover in the Commercial Registry. In the event other services are required in connection with a company takeover (audit, accounting, financial or tax advisory, enterprise valuation) we can offer the so-called multi-disciplinary services in a close co-peration with the renowned international “Big Four” consultancy firms in this field.

Global transactions are dealt with in co-operation with law firms co-operating with the “Big Four” firms.