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IP / IT / data protection

HOLEC, ZUSKA & Partners provides comprehensive legal services in the intellectual property sector including management of industrial rights portfolios, software and its legal protection, licensing, domain names, know-how and protection of commercial secret, pharmaceuticals. The firm has extensive experience in providing advisory services in management of intellectual property in the research, development and innovations sector.  It has actively cooperated on the Ministry of Education’s EF-TRANS project, elaborating methodologies aiming to protect intellectual property and licensing management.  The firm provides comprehensive services in relation to drafting and implementation of agreements as well as in litigation area. HOLEC, ZUSKA & Partners provide services in the area of unfair competition, protection of personal data or marketing, advertising, legal regulation related to protection of consumer rights. The firm has received acknowledgment for its services in the IP sector in, among other, in PLC Which Lawyer publications.

Recent major references:

  • Aventis Pharma – proceedings concerning patents for cancer medication against manufacturer of generics;
  • MAPED S.A.S.; Quiksilver, Inc.; Volvo Trademark Holding AB; Le Sportsac, Inc.; Société BIC – provision of legal services combating imports and sales of counterfeit products;
  • FremantleMedia Limited; FremantleMedia Operations BV – provision of comprehensive legal services to a major international producer and distributor of television entertainment programmes;
  • Pittsburgh Corning Europe – advisory in the matter of patent protection of technological processes;
  • Google, Inc.; Honeywell International Inc.; Lenovo Technology B.V.; MasterCard International Inc.; MetLife, Inc.; PepsiCo, Inc.; Diversey Group; The Network, Inc.; Tiffany & Co (UK) Holdings Limited; General Electric Group; Deichmann Group; Inditex Group – legal advisory in the matter of personal data protection and routine IP matters;
  • Czech Association of Airplane Manufacturers - legal advisory on the protection of intellectual property rights in the civil aviation manufacturing sector;
  • Czech Ministry of Education – legal advice in intellectual property area within the project for Effective transfer of Knowledge – license utilization and transfers, protection of intellectual property rights;
  • Czech Ministry of Education – extensive Analysis of impact of legislative changes and reform of the research and development system to internal regulation of universities and public research institutions and their activities, covering all aspects of intellectual property rights protection; this analysis formed a precursor for the EF-TRANS project managed by the Ministry on Effective Transfers of Knowledge;
  • Czech Republic Technology Agency – legal opinion related to protection of intellectual property rights in connection with public funding and management of IP rights within the ALFA Programme (Programme supporting applied research and experimental development);
  • Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, v.v.i., - legal advice in connection with IP matters connected with the DEVISER project (conceptual resolution of issues related to IPR management at the institutional level, project advisory in relation to OP RDI , drafting of partnerships agreements;
  • Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, v.v.i., - legal advice in connection with IP matters connected with the AMS project (project advisory , IP matters);
  • The Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague (ICT), IPR advisory.